24.02.2014. CCNA Exploration course has released

Continuing Education Center has released a CCNA Exploration course. CEC and Baglama doo continued implementing this course from last, 17. Educational cycle.

Course provides a comprehensive overview of networking from the basics to advanced applications and services. This course emphasizes theoretical concepts and practical applications, while providing students with the skills and the ability to obtain direct experience needed for design, installation, operation and maintenance of networks. The course is designed for students who possess an initial level of knowledge in this field.

All students who take this course and pass its final exam will be given a certificate of achievement, and CISCO Networking Academy certificate.

All those interested can apply on our webpage cec.ibu.edu.ba or contact CEC secretary Haris Zogić zogic.haris@gmail.com


TIME: Mondays and Thursdays at 17h

DURATION: 2 months

NUMBER OF HOURS: 72 (9 hours per week)

LECTURER: Amar Adilović

PLACE: International Burch University, 210 (B Block)