Are you going to study on English language? Prepare yourself!

Are you sure that your English is good enough? For freshmen’s, future students, we offer intensive program of revision and English language learning which is tailored to meet your academic requirements of English language. All components are included: vocabulary and grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

With 100 hours of teaching and program adapted for the department you are going to take, these preparations will improve the beginning of your studies and be the foundation for the successful comprehension of the university curriculum and success as a student.

Education is interactive and is conducted in small groups, which improves efficiency and the final outcome.

Sign up through our email cec@ibu.edu.ba. Applications are open until 17.07.2015. year and the number of candidates is limited.

Start: 27. 07. 2015.

Running time: 100 hours (1 month - 4 hours a day, weekdays)

Price: 600 KM

* Materials, British Council Aptis certificate, coffee breaks included