22.05.2015. Introducing Aptis Test

Aptis is a modern, and flexible system for assesment of English. It is designed in a way it can meet the specific needs of organizations, and individuals around the world.

Aptis is a test that gives businesses and institutions the opportunity to determine the level of English language of its personnel or make selection of potential new staff or students.

Aptis tests the English proficiency from A1 to C2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and it is designed for assessing knowledge of people over the age of 16. All components of language can be evaluated; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The components are combined according to your needs, so it is possible to test more or less. Targeted testing provides accurate results and helps you to refine the process of training and employment, and make it more efficient.

Aptis content can be adjusted to a specific field, such as business, pharmacy or tourism, or specific cultural contexts and variants of English. To get exactly what you need, you can choose when and how to perform testing: using a computer or pen and paper.

How it looks, and works? Try demo version.

Aptis Video

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