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International Legal English (ILE) is an upper-intermediate to advanced level course for learners who need to be able to use English in the legal profession. The course is intended for law students and practicing lawyers alike. Since the vast majority of practicing lawyers in the world deal with commercial law, ILE focuses on the use of English for this purpose. Within the field of commercial law, a number of important topics (corporate law, contract law, intellectual property, real property law, employment law and sale of goods) have been selected as the legal subject matter of the units. Particular emphasis is placed on the areas of corporate law and contracts – with three units dedicated to each – as the majority of commercial lawyers practice in these areas.






  • to improve ability to write common legal text types in English, such as letters or memoranda

  • to improve ability to read and understand legal texts, such as legal periodicals, commercial legislation, legal correspondence and other commercial law documents

  • to increase comprehension of spoken English when it is used to speak about legal topics in meetings, presentations, interviews, discussions, etc.

  • to strengthen speaking skills and to enable a more effective engagement in a range of speaking situations typical of legal practice, such as client interviews, discussions with colleagues and contract negotiations to introduce some of the language related aspects of the work of a commercial lawyer



Course duration: 8 weeks

Number of weekly classes: 6




Certificate for the completed course


Price: 500 KM