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Graphic Design

In every business activity it is necessary to attract the attention of potential partners or customers using the visual identity and visual experience. This is a job for designers who can be trained, from the stage of amateur to a professional level.

Adobe Illustrator is a program for vector drawing. It is used for creating logos, maps, and can be very useful for the most graphic designers, web designers and illustrators. Whether you have a design preference or not this course will teach you how to implement the idea in graphic expression.

Adobe Photoshop is a number one in the processing and retouching photos. It is considered an inevitable tool in all areas of design, from web through photos, to illustrations and preparation for printing.

Adobe InDesign is a program for design and production of books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs and other publications. It is an addition to Illustrator and Photoshop, so this course includes all areas of graphic design.

The course duration is 60 hours, according to the agreed schedule.

*The certificate of successful completion of training is given to the candidates who acquire the necessary level of knowledge.