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C, C++ Programming

Learn to use the universal tool for software development, the C programming language. Make use of this course to learn the basic principles of programming, namely let it be the start of your professional education for software development. Different variants of C, C++ programming have found their use in the design of the software system, application for data processing, simple web applications and games.


• Algorithmic solving of tasks
• Linear and branched structure of problem solving
• Procedures and functions, as well as mastering the use of recursive functions
• Manipulations of sets, one-dimensional and multi-dimensional
• Writing and reading from files
• Using the referrer and the cursor, and other specific tools of C
• Using a linked list, one-way and two-way
• Basic concepts of structural data and storing them in the computer's memory

Course duration: 36 hours, according to the agreed schedule.

* The certificate of successful completion of training is given to the candidates who acquire the necessary level of knowledge.