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It is known that lifelong learning is an important factor in the economy, social and cultural development of any modern society. The concept of lifelong learning, developed in the sixties of the last century, is the answer to the problem of discrepancies between youth and adult education, and constant changes of the market and society. During the nineties, lifelong learning in Europe is affirmed as a policy that responds to the problems of economic crisis and increased unemployment ( Žiljak , 2005) . Then, the focus moves from formal education to lifelong learning, which includes all forms of training and professional development throughout whole life.

In accordance with the aforementioned fact, the Continuing Education Center is founded with the aim to meet the educational needs of individuals, organizations, corporations and government institutions.

CEC is fulfilling its commitment to the community, educating the leaders who will, through the transfer of knowledge, contribute to society and improve the community itself.

Professional training and professional development are offered in several areas through different models of education in the form of training, workshops, intensive courses, conferences, seminars and conferences.